Mitch, got the new Pulse album. Some killer tunes! Great to hear a Hermanators song in there too. Next time your touring Japan, make sure to drop off on Maui for a show or two.
Thanks for the moments at the CICCA concert hall in Gran Canarias. Great Job! Go for the sky... You´re GREAT!!!!
Just got Pulse with Jim Weider's Project Percolator. It's really a great mix of songs...."No Exit Strategy" is great. Also nice to hear some acoustic guitar. Best wishes, Lee
Coming to NYC with my kids. Thought of you and wondering what you are doing now. Seems doing well!!!
Thanks for the streaming music files. Enjoyed all and particularly listening to Angel w/ my better half. I am looking forward to the happy day I am able to attend a show. J.R.
Mitch, been enjoying your b/up playing on SKB stuff. Just found your site. Listened to your mp3s you have up and downloaded Twisted. Would love to buy some of your more recent stuff. Come play on Maui. We have a great venue, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, a lots of good acts that come through here. Keep up the killer playing!
Hi Mitch, Remember what you ate on April 30, 2004? Cause you really kicked ass that night with SKB. Your solos on Weapons, Wildlife and The One were out of this world. Never get tired listening. Steve also kicked in Weapons, Lonesome and Tongue.Overall, maybe the best show I heard from SKB. Loving JWPP right now. Cheers, E.H.
hey Mitch... i found your page here via a link at the Hermanators site. Just wanted to say that i enjoyed hearing your music...pretty cool sounding stuff :-)
hey mitch-saw you with jim at moe's alley in santa cruz,ca. and with kimmock too. can't wait to see the herminators,y'all should play moe's next time your in the bay area.BTW,i just got my analog man k.o.t. cheers,matt
I saw you and Jim Weider in Montreal. Even though I saw top of the line acts including the great Buddy Guy, you guys were my most memorable performance. I hope you play around NYC. . .
Hey Mitch- steve norton says you were in freedo when we were there. I remember your name but not that face, cute as it is. (I used to live on canadaway w pat clark. Cheers, Debra
Hi Mitch, I have seen Jim Weider's band in Torrebelvicino, Italy. Compliments, your guitar sound is very, very great!
Fayetteville Arkansas needs some more Mitch! Best of luck to you man. Dave
Dig It !
Yea man... totally stylin' player!!! A true pleasure meetin you and hearin' ya play! Peace
You Freakin' Rock
Love the new tunes we heard at the Wildflower. They stuck! Steve Lucas' piece was impressive. Keep it up with the Hermanators!
Thanks for the captivating and tasty licks ove the past few years with Steve. My hopes for you and your loyal supporters are subject to the Moose of the Future. See you in Ithaca this September. If not before. I'd like to see The Hermanators at A Saranac night in Utica this summer or next Sincerely David Cragnolin
Hey there Mitch Just want you know that you are missed out here on the west coast. Be well, Aubyn
i think fall will be amazing. cant wait for the wildflower gig! ~ ear cuff
I'd love to see the Hermanators down in Florida...
The stuff with Jim Weider sounds great! Can't wait to catch The Hermanators at the Wildflower!!
I am looking forward to seeing the you and Rodney with Project Percolator band Saturday June 3 at the 8X10 club here in Baltimore. The discs have been GREAT!
Hey, Mitch. Saw you guys in Boothbay Harbor Saturday night. Wow!! Great job!!
Moose! Glad to see you are coming to CT. Loved your playing in SKB, Loved the hemonators disk! Your "Moose moment" during Why can't we all just Samba is on my "greatest guitar solos of all time list". Fantastic! Looking forward to Foxwoods!
Give it up for Mitch the Moose Stein on guitar! Enjoyed your energy and overall playing in the SKB. Hope I can see you on stage again soon. All my best, Alden
Mitch, I had a great time working with you. We had lots of fun :) cm
Great site! I sure do miss seeing you in SKB. Hope to see you again soon. Best of luck, stacie
Mitch, Nice site. Thanks for all the great shows with SKB. Hope to see you back some day. Good luck with your new adventures. -Mike_
Hey Mitch, How are you? Nice new website! Lots of great stuff in there. Great pics. Moose you rock. the best to you. big hugs CINDY
Great looking site Mitch! Looking forward to hearing you again.
Wow, two days ago I was looking for your site to see what the Moose was up to. I guess I just had to wait a couple days. Very appropriate, considering 4 years ago today you were part responsible with the demolition of the Gothic Theater.
Hey Mitch Nice web site. Big shout from the Lehigh Valley
very nice site, mitch! great mp3's! would love seeing/hearing you play any time!
Hey Mitch !! Glad to see this website up and running -- it will be alot easier to keep tabs on your gigs and projects. I am looking forward to checking out the Weider tour, that sounds really sweet. Keep on keepin on! Alan
Hi Mitch, Haven't been able to catch you live since last June in Baltimore...we miss you! Glad to find out what you've been up to. It's always fun to shake the bones to your grooves and share some smiles with you...please come play down here on the Carolina coast sometime, we have a couple of sweet spots here on the Outer Banks (Brewing Station, maybe?) We'll keep our fingers crossed... Much love, Kara
Hey Mitch, Love the sunglasses. It looks like things are moving forward for you. This is a good thing. If your in the DC area let us know we will be at the show. Hugs, Pam
Hey Mitch ... miss you in SKB but hope to see you play again soon ... great work On Eudamonic & 12 Months ... glad you have a website & nice opening picture too
keep up the great work, mitch! hope to see you guest with SKB again some day! :)

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